Leverage your own inner power
Through leadership training that builds on your strengths
and opens new opportunity.

Take The Next Step
Orchestrate the results you want By aiming higher and reaching farther than you ever thought possible.

Direct Your Future

Take your rightful place at the helm

Lead The Charge

Draw on your skills

We believe that everyone has more than adequate power to do what they want.

Leverage your tools

Don’t just watch others climb the ladder, step up to new opportunity.

The time is now

Become a leader and take control of your career and your future.

Step in the right direction


We’ll show you the power to make your dreams come has been inside of you all along.

What’s stopping you?

We’re here to help you bring out your best, from two proven leaders in their fields.

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Charles Dassance, who was born and raised near Lansing, Michigan, entered the Navy as a Seaman and worked his way up to the distinguished rank of Master Chief Petty Officer, the highest enlisted rank in the United States Navy.

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Dr. Loren Murfield is “the Opportunity Professor” helping individuals and organizations Unleash their UltimateTM performance, production and profits by leveraging their power to seize opportunities that many did not  think possible.

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