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lorenDr. Loren Murfield is “the Opportunity Professor” helping individuals and organizations Unleash their UltimateTM performance, production and profits by leveraging their power to seize opportunities that many did not think possible.

Few would have thought they would be seeing him in this role today because as a middle child of 8 and the 4th of 5 boys, no one expected he would do anything significant. They would have thought any graduate work, especially a Ph.D. was out of the question, especially given he didn’t get his bachelor’s degree until he was 33. No one gave him much of a chance to teach college on the east coast after growing up on a farm outside of a tiny town in South Dakota. If that isn’t enough, most thought it was clearly impossible for him to write 8 books in one year, become an entrepreneur, teach in a graduate leadership program or work with a Heisman winner. No one really could see it, but that is part of the fun – doing what no thought we could do.

Dr. Murfield is a visionary, one who sees a radical new world that is ever evolving and forever changing. He uses a variety of methods ranging from thought provoking speeches, executive coaching, online courses, insightful books, blogs and articles and his trademark 90 Minute Opportunity Challenge.

But how did he make this change? How did he go from working manual labor jobs to teaching 23 college and graduate degree course? How did he go from a forgettable life to being a person of significance? The answer is found in the Leveraging Leadership Power course. He identified his power and learned to leverage it effective. No wonder he has transformed his professional life every decade of his adult life – he followed the principles in this course and PWR University. No wonder he can now do what others never thought he could do. Today he is living his dreams, doing the impossible because he has leveraged his power to lead by Unleashing the UltimateTM.

pwr univ bio pictureCharles Dassance, who was born and raised near Lansing, Michigan, entered the Navy as a Seaman and worked his way up to the distinguished rank of Master Chief Petty Officer, the highest enlisted rank in the United States Navy. Mr. Dassance, a devoted husband and father of two, has had the opportunity to work in a myriad of diverse settings on land and at sea, all around the world. He has served as a highly skilled electrician on nuclear submarines, a nuclear power instructor, a vocational electronics instructor, and a leader in multiple executive leadership positions in the fields of aviation warfare, surface warfare, and cyber warfare. As the Senior Enlisted Advisor (Force Master Chief) for the Navy’s information and cyber security forces, Mr. Dassance conceptualized and oversaw the creation of the Navy’s Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist (EIDWS) program. For his last active duty assignment, he served as the Director of the United States Navy Senior Enlisted Academy and the Command Master Chief of the Naval War College, stationed in Newport, Rhode Island. After retiring as Force Master Chief, Charles Dassance went on to complete a Master of Science in Leadership at the Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island, where he is now teaching as an Adjunct Professor.

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