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Course One: Leverage Your Leadership Power

Lesson 1: Appreciating the Power of Power

We all seek power because we all want opportunities to improve our lives. Yet power is often misunderstood, misappropriated or just simply missed. We don’t exercise our power because we don’t realize how much power we really have. Even when we do assess our power, we don’t realize how much…

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Lesson 2: Leveraging the Power of Your Position

New leaders instantly gain power because of their new position. It provides the power to say “yes” and “no” that the new leader did not have previously. With the title comes privileges and privileges are power. But how do we use this new power in the best way possible? How…

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Lesson 3: Leveraging Your Power as a Role Model

Now that you have a better grasp of the power in your position, let’s move to the next level. This is where you will begin to see how powerful collaboration can be. You will find the leverage necessary to do what many thought impossible. Why? Because you will find how…

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Lesson 4: Leveraging Your Power to Reward & Punish

This lesson is unique in that it addresses two different types of power, Reward and Punish. We have included both because a reward for some may be a punishment for another, what may be a punishment for some may be a reward for others. At the same time, leaders often…

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Lesson 5: Leveraging the Power of Your Expertise (Expert)

“The measure of man is what he does with power.” Pittacus (c. 640 -568 BC) One of the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece All leaders have some type of position power but not all leaders fully grasp their specific expertise. To be an expert is a lofty term that sounds…

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Lesson 6: Leveraging Your Power to Connect (Communication)

Experts estimate that only 5% of communication is effective. Ouch. As leaders, we know that if we do not connect, we cannot lead. Yet many are more focused on speaking and pay little attention to listening. Unfortunately, they are wasting an incredible amount of power. But listening and speaking effectively…

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Lesson 7: Leveraging Your Leadership Power: Theory to Practice

Knowledge without action leads to arrogance. But knowledge that leads to action leads to progress. Congratulations on completing the first six lessons to this course. This last lesson may be the shortest lesson but the most important. So far we have learned about the importance of power and leadership. We…

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