Lesson 2: Leveraging the Power of Your Position

5 Nov 2014

Lesson 2: Leveraging the Power of Your Position

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The goal of this lesson is for you to become familiar with and appreciate the importance in the following aspects of leveraging position power as a leader in the 3D world.
• Explore the Opportunities to Lead from Your Position or desired Leadership Position,
• Understand, Appreciate, and Apply the DICED Model,
• Assess Your Understanding of Position Power in the Modern Age

If you meet or exceed our goal for this and each of the 7 lessons, you will likely be able to
• Better assess leadership situations,
• Sense more opportunities to resolve the situation better,
• Execute leadership duties at a higher rate of success,
• Communicate more effectively,
• Increase your performance,
• Increase the performance and production of your team, and even
• Increase the profitability of your organization.

New leaders instantly gain power because of their new position. It provides the power to say “yes” and “no” that the new leader did not have previously. With the title comes privileges and privileges are power. But how do we use this new power in the best way possible? How do we leverage that new found power for the best long term success of the organization? How do we leverage it most efficiently to enhance our individual career?

In this lesson, we focus on leveraging the specific power you hold in your position. To successfully complete this lesson, you will work through two actual work scenarios, one at the beginning of the lesson and one at the end. In between, we utilize our unique 3D model of learning that we have created.

First, we Discover and identify the power we already have in our position. Many times leaders focus on the power they want but do not have. We find it much more effective to focus on the power we have available. Most find they already have far more power than they realized. We trust you will find the same.   This is where we define position power and help you to understand what power you have within that position.

Second, we help you Declare your position power by delineating the Mind, Body and Spirit of making that power your own. We use an specific acronym to help you assert and affirm your power within your organization. But simply knowing and announcing your power isn’t enough.

Third, we help you Leverage your power most efficiently with a self-assessment. This series of questions is designed to help you fine tune what is best for you and your situation to maximize your position power. Upon completion of this lesson, we expect you will have a good mental understanding of the power you have within your position. We also expect you will have a better understanding of what you are capable of doing with that power and how you can use it to create a collaborative spirit that will lift obstacles and exceed goals.

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